• Website / Hosting Setup:

    " We at Clinchtech Ltd looked for a web service provider who could develop our web page as we wanted to see it, and then allow us to manage it for ourselves, once it was completed. SOHO gave us exactly that and more, having endless patience with our limited knowledge, whilst we were deciding on the content and style. The training was superb and allows us to manage our own site with little expense, exactly what a small business like us needs, a great job all round "

    Andy Griggs, Sales & Projects Manager - ClinchTech Ltd

  • Website / Hosting / Google Applications for Business Setup:

    " Starting our own business meant we needed a web site to promote and develop our new venture and finding the right provider that could help, develop and guide us was very important and after talking to many providers SOHO was the best option we thought. This decision turned out to be spot on, SOHO and their experience done us proud at a cost effective price with a great level of support all the way through, superb supplier for us at SLS "

    SLS Associates

  • Website / Hosting / Google Applications for Education Setup:

    " SOHO in the Cloud rapidly created a VLE for us that meets our needs well. They are always looking out for new ideas or programs that would enhance the user experience of our VLE site. "

    Chris Grey, ICT Coordinator - St Louis Catholic Academy

  • Google Applications for Education Setup:

    " SOHO made a potentially difficult setup completely painless. They had ironed out most problems before they came to my attention and handled the odd minor glitch cheerfully and promptly. Employ them! "

    Tim Brook, Creative Media Coordinator - St Felix Middle School

  • Google Apps for Education Setup:

    " Having been involved in setting up a few websites for schools, I have found the Google Apps system quite easy to understand once I had the initial basic training. Up loads are easy to do, and documents, such as policies, can be put onto the site as PDFs. "

    Kathy Lambert - Headteacher Thurston Primary School


We create websites for schools, clubs and businesses

We offer professional, stylish and affordable website design and hosting for the Small Office Home Office (SOHO) business, club or personal user. We give you a dedicated personal service and work with you to identify your exact website needs.

A website is your shop front to the world, so show off your products and services with one of our stylish websites. First impressions last - having a professional well laid out website can make a big difference when it comes to how potential customers view your business.

Features including dynamic image slideshows, website polls, real-time Google Maps and Google Advertising all add to the value and 'user experience' of your website.

Having a website can help validate your business. We also track the popularity of your website and can provide monthly statistical website usage and search engine reports to help analyse website performance.

View a few websites from our Portfolio here

Website, Domain Registration and 2 Years Hosting for £525

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Having a dynamic website showing all your services and products allows you to spend less on marketing. You don't need to have expensive glossy full page magazine ads, just a good eye-catching logo and your website address can be enough.

Website feature highlights:

  • Our websites are professionally designed using modern, responsive templates.
  • Meet the latest Department for Education website guidelines.
  • The websites are mobile, tablet and Google search engine friendly. Google Mobile Friendly Test Page
  • Easy for admin staff and teachers to update.
  • Can have a Google Website Translate button.
  • The sites are customised to your branding and colour scheme.
  • Use your Twitter feed to keep parents, members and customers up to date.
  • Our websites display your photos using lightbox galleries and stylish slideshows.
  • Display your company or school videos.

User Experience (UX) Design Principles

When designing a website, designers have to ask a few key questions on behalf of both the customer and the user:

  • Is the website easy to use?
  • Does the website give value?
  • Is it pleasant to use?

This is what is called the 'User Experience' (UX). UX groups together solid, intuitive, user-centric web design with psychology and user testing to produce a website that provides a great experience for the user.

Our websites use systems and templates that are designed to adhere to UX design principles. We work with our customers to provide the best possible user experience for their users. UX is the key to success in modern website design.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

SEO & Semantic Answer Engines

Search engines are moving away from keyword searches in favour of a more meaningful structure sentence search - the semantic answer engine.

Search engines can now understand the a question and return intelligent results, rather than a list of sights with matching keywords.

This means that as well as making sure a website is easy for the the Search Engines to read (crawl), they must contain meaningful information that is as relevant to your topic or business as possible.

Our website systems and templates make it easy for the Search Engines, and we work hard with our customers to make sure they have the most relevant content and logical menu structure for their website.


Below are some examples from our portfolio of websites..